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FreshCruiser quoted in Care.com article, "7 Top Babymoon Ideas"

Abby Aisley founder of FreshCruiser.com was recently quoted in an article from Care.com. Here's an excerpt from the Care.com story, "7 Top Babymoon Ideas".

"Are babymoon ideas on your brain? You've weathered morning sickness, are bearing a bountiful belly and your due date is just around the corner. Before your family of two becomes a family of three, it's time to take a romantic pre-baby trip! 

Calm Down on a Cruise

Stick to what soothes you. "When choosing a cruise for your babymoon, do your research on the itinerary," says Abby Aisley, a mom and the creator of family travel blog FreshCruiser. "Select an itinerary that visits calmer waters such as the Caribbean rather than the North Sea. Review excursions for the ports you plan to visit. Adventurous excursions are put on hold due to pregnancy limitations -- fortunately, there are plenty of great options to choose from." "

Read the full article by Care.com contributor, Erica Loop, which includes more ideas for picking the right Babymoon.

Celebrity Millennium

FreshCruiser Tip: In planning a babymoon, maximizing your precious vacation time is key. If you are within driving distance or a quick flight to a cruise port, there are many short cruises that would make a great babymoon. Book a 3-4 day cruise over a weekend to save your vacation days for when the baby arrives.


My Experiences: Cruising while pregnant

In my previous blog post, I announced that I was pregnant during my last cruise.  My husband and I went on a 15 day Panama Canal Cruise on board Celebrity Millennium. Being able to spend two weeks of my pregnancy on the ship was an amazing experience. I wanted to share my experiences as I’ve been on many cruises before but this was my first while pregnant.

I was at the end of my 1st trimester and I was still suffering from what I referred to as “all day sickness”; therefore, many of my experiences relate to this point of my pregnancy. If we would have went a few weeks later when I was feeling back to my normal self, I think my experience would have been more similar to other cruises (minus alcohol) that I’ve been on. However, my husband and I slightly adapted each day to how I was feeling.


I really enjoyed relaxing and playing games on the veranda on this trip. Normally, I like to be where all the action is happening and enjoy people watching, but on this trip, it was nice to take pleasure in the comforts of the cabin.

Veranda on board the Celebrity Millennium

As part of the Aqua Class cabin amenities, there is a pillow menu featuring a wide variety of pillows.  There was even an option for a long pillow which is perfect for helping pregnant women get comfortable when trying to sleep.

The crew members who knew that I were expecting was extremely accommodating. One of my favorite memories was the time I left our stateroom for the fitness room one morning.  The stateroom steward was out in the hall and said, “Don’t push yourself too much and be careful.”  He then preceded to hand me a bottle of water.  I couldn’t help but smile as the feeling of being cared for was a really nice.


A few days into the sailing, I was slowly getting my appetite back. I ate small meals about every two hours, which was extremely easy to do on a cruise ship compared to being at home. I could take a little bit of an item from the buffet and if I didn’t like it, I was able to get up and try something different. It was easy to avoid the particular tastes and flavors that weren’t appealing to me.  

We ate at Blu, Aqua Class guests’ only dining room, every night. I told the Maitre that I wasn’t feeling well and that food wasn’t very appealing to me. The first night at dinner I ordered a baked potato and nothing else.  He offered to show me the menu for the next day each night. That way, I could see if there was something I felt like or needed adjustments made with all the eating rules that come with being pregnant.  

Throughout the cruise I definitely started feeling better and there were plenty of options throughout the ship so I could always find something I felt like eating.

Ship Events

At every event where they offered free welcome drink, which included embarkation, Galley tour, Captain’s welcome, Captain’s Club events, and other activities, there was never a non-alcoholic beverage offered.


Champagne and mimosas offered as part of the Ship's Galley Tour

I would have loved a sparkling juice or club soda with a little bit of juice.  It would have great to be able to be festive along with the other cruisers but time after time, I had to decline.

Fitness Room

As usual, my favorite time to be in the fitness room is when we’re pulling into a port.

I liked starting my days by going to the fitness room or walking around the deck. I brought a heart rate monitor to check my heart rate during physical activity to make sure it didn’t spike over 150, as my Doctor suggested.  The views were beautiful as I walked on the treadmill or rode the stationary bike.

Fitness Room on board Celebrity Millennium

What I enjoyed

I really enjoyed the flexibility of being on a cruise.  I liked the itinerary as there were a lot of days at sea along with many ports that I had never visited.

Watercolor Class

It was fun to try new things such as the watercolor painting class we took. The waiters were never pushy with the drinks, which I greatly appreciated. 

Excursion to Antigua, Guatemala

There were a few excursions that I wanted to do but weren’t advised to do while pregnant.  At first, this was a little upsetting for me, but in the end, it was a great way to do something different and explore other options. For the excursions that we had in mind, we would wait until the night before to book them or until morning to figure out our plan around the town to see how I was feeling.

Most of all, I enjoyed spending the time with my husband.  The quality time of two weeks away, just the two of us was wonderful in every way and I’m so glad we took the time to do it. With all the excitement from family and friends about our new addition, I loved getting away just the two of us to talk and have fun thinking about the exciting future that was ahead.

Click here to read my Tips for staying healthy when cruising while pregnant.

FreshCruiser Tip: Don't be afraid to ask if there's something you need.  The crew is there to make sure you are happy.


Dance like a Norwegian! Get Fit with Zumba® Fitness Classes on board Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line recently announced that it will add Zumba Fitness to its ships beginning this spring in a phased roll out to the entire fleet. There will be a variety of Zumba® classes on each cruise and the most popular ones will be offered at no charge.  Whether you work out regularly or not at all, Zumba® classes are for all fitness levels. You simply follow the instructor’s dance fitness moves to the upbeat music while working on your fitness and burning calories. According to LIVESTRONG.com article, Zumba Workout Benefits, you can burn 400 to 600 calories per hour.

“We are excited to bring Zumba Fitness onboard our ships and offer guests not just a new way to work out, but an exhilarating and easy-to-follow dance fitness-party,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line CEO.

Norwegian Cruise Line follows Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises which previously announced Zumba as part of their on board activities. Princess Cruises first introduced complimentary Zumba classes on their ships in December 2010 and were fleet-wide by the end of 2011. [Read my previous post on Zumba at Sea.]

Celebrity Cruises started scheduling Zumba classes on board its transatlantic voyages as part of their Celebrity Life’s special fitness programming and recently expanded the classes to its entire fleet.

I definitely recommend trying a Zumba® class when cruising on one of the cruise lines. Some cruise lines hold the classes outside, that way you can enjoy the sea air rather than being in a gym. It also makes it a lot easier to try it if you’re intimidated to walk in to the ship’s fitness room. Be careful: You may have so much fun that you decide to continue going classes when you get back home!

Read Norwegian Cruise Line's full announcement here.

Freshcruiser TIP: Give it a try and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay for the whole class.


Review of Celebrity Cruises' Bistro on Five Restaurant

Bistro on Five on the Celebrity Millennium

Bistro on Five is a restaurant located on the majority of Celebrity Cruises’ fleet offering made-to-order crepes, paninis, soups, and salads. Celebrity Cruises describes the Bistro on Five restaurants “to be casual enough for a solo breakfast with the day's news, and stylish enough to drop in after the theatre for a dessert crêpe and a glass of wine.”   

The open kitchen allows you to watch the chef create your crepe.

After 13 days on a previous Celebrity cruise in the Mediterranean, I never managed to eat there. I was conflicted as the food was really delicious throughout the ship and therefore, I had a difficult time justifying the $5 per person service charge.  However, I was determined to try it on the recent 15-day Panama Cruise on the Celebrity Millennium.  Bistro on Five is a new addition to the ship, part of the ship’s renovation that took place in May 2012. 

I found a hidden gem.  It’s centrally located on all the ships; however, during the times I walked, by I often found only a few people eating there.

I think it’s the perfect spot to go in the morning if you want a more relaxed meal before an excursion rather than the hustle and bustle of the buffet or perhaps for a leisurely brunch on a day at sea.  Bistro on Five’s hours is meant to fit into anyone’s schedule as it opens at six o'clock in the morning and stays open until late.  After sleeping in, a leisurely brunch was exactly what I felt like before exploring the port area in Colon, Panama.

Menu & Food Overview

Celebrity Cruises defines Bistro on Five’s menu as “a modern twist on traditional crêpes with a wide variety of creative fillings and toppings.” The menu features crepes, paninis, soups, salads, and desserts. Click here for the detailed menu. All crepes are made fresh to order and since it’s an open kitchen, you can walk up and watch the chef making your crepe.

Italian Dessert Crepe

Crepes I tasted:

  • Designed-my-own Breakfast Crepe with Scrambled Eggs, Tomato, Spinach, and Bacon with Breakfast Potatoes
  • Buffalo Crepe with Marinated Grilled Chicken with Shredded Lettuce and Blue Cheese
  • Cowboy Crepe with Grilled Flank Steak, Spinach, Caramelized Onion, Bacon, Provolone and Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Italian Crepe (Dessert) with Nutella, Banana and Pistachios

Breakfast Crepe

My favorite was the Breakfast Crepe as it included all of my most loved breakfast foods in a crepe. It was a nice change from my usual morning omelete. The combination of items in the Cowboy Crepe really worked well together and I found it very savory. 

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert. The Italian Crepe, which includes bananas and nutella, is my all-time favorite crepe combination that I get whenever I'm in Paris. The addition of the pistachios added a nice crunch to the sweet crepe. There is no limit to how much you may order so definitely explore different types of crepes and paninis.


In the Celebrity Millennium the service was spectacular. It really felt that the staff had pride in the restaurant and wanted to make sure we had a pleasant experience.  All of our questions were answered and special requests completed with ease.  A couple next to us couldn’t decide on what dessert crepe to order so the chef made them two smaller portions so they could try both!

French Dessert Crepe

A little encouragement

My sister was sailing on the Celebrity Solstice while I was on the Celebrity Millennium.  I sent her an email later that day from the ship to tell her to find time to try Bistro on Five, even if it was for a snack.  She ended up eating there twice during her cruise!

Chicken Panini Shredded Lettuce, Diced Tomato, Spicy Chicken and Cheddar Cheese

She really enjoyed the Paninis. Her least favorite item was the French Dessert crepe with Grand Marnier and Candied Orange.  She’s more of a chocolate-lover so and that crepe wasn’t for her but she wanted to give it a try.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely eat there on a future Celebrity cruise. I'm looking forward to branching out and trying some of their soup, salad, and panini selections. I secretly hope that it remains an insider secret (shh!) as I really enjoyed the quiet atmosphere compared to other dining options.

In addition, there were great views for looking out to sea as well as a good spot for people watching with its central location on the ship. If you’re going on a longer voyage, Bistro on Five gives you a break from the daily buffets and a chance to try new foods.

Available On Celebrity Constellation®, Celebrity Summit®, Celebrity Infinity®, Celebrity Millennium®, Celebrity Solstice®, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse®, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Reflection.

The cost is an additional $5 per person and no reservation is needed.

FreshCruiser Tip: For $5, it’s a great escape on a sea day when you want to get away from the crowded buffet. It offers unique food that you won’t find anywhere else on the ship.


Panama Canal Cruise Crossing: Top Tips for Viewing

The Panama Canal crossing was definitely something on my bucket list and it lived up to all the hype.  We enjoyed a great day of viewing and I wanted to share with you my comprehensive guide to help you have a memorable experience.

Best spots on the ship

The whole process will take about 8 hours including going through three different sets of locks (Miraflores, Pedro Miguel, Gatun).  With the size of a typical cruise ship, there are a lot of places for viewing. Follow these tips to get the most out of your day.

•    Bow of the Ship - Helipad

If your captain allows guests to enter the helipad area for viewing the locks, it’s definitely an experience being at the bow of the ship.  It will be a novelty to be able to view the process from the helipad, so expect big crowds early on.  You should wait until the next set of locks when it clears out a little. Wear closed-toed shoes, preferably sneakers, since the deck can be slippery and you don’t want to risk getting turned away and missing the locks.  

•    Stern of the Ship

This was my favorite place for viewing as we enjoyed seeing the doors close behind the ship. Being on a high floor allowed us to see over the massive lock doors to the different steps of the locks. 

Once finished with the last of the locks (Gatun locks) on the Pacific to Atlantic crossing, the back of the ship offers one of the best picture taking opportunities as you can see the narrow passage with the different “steps”, which the ship just went through.

•    Port or Starboard Sides

Each side will offer a different view, depending on the lane that the ship gets put into. There are two lanes for each lock and there will likely be additional ships going through the locks in the other lane. Check out the side where you can see the other ship as it gives you a fascinating perspective on what’s happening along with seeing the massive volume of water moving in or out of the locks.

Port Side (Pacific to Atlantic crossing)

If you want a good view of the new canal by the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks being built, pick a veranda on the port side when going through the canal. It’s an incredible sight to see the construction process and the massive amount of soil being transported.

•    Stateroom Veranda

We enjoyed sitting on our veranda as we went through Gatun Lake. The scenery was beautiful and it was the perfect spot to relax and be away from the crowds.  I’d recommend enjoying lunch or a snack as you cruise through Gatun Lake being that it is normally towards the middle of the day.

 •    Forward Lounge
If you don’t want to be outside for the crossing or are limited physically, I would suggest waking up early and securing a spot in the forward lounge, if your ship has one.  On the Celebrity Millennium, Cosmos offered a great viewing spot in a comfortable setting. Arrive early to save your seat for the day so you can just relax and enjoy the view.

Viewing mistakes

•    Staying in the same spot
Many people were up first thing to secure a spot for the whole day.  With so much going on when transiting the locks, you’re missing out if you’re not moving around and seeing it from different angles. Unless you’re physically unable to move around the ship, get out and walk around, go from side to side and back again to see it all.

•    Staying inside
One of the best parts is being outside and looking over the railing to see the whole process. 

Hidden Secrets

•    Fitness room
As I love to say, the fitness room often has one of the best views on a cruise ship and this really comes true during a Panama Canal crossing.  Watch the process unfold as you work out on a treadmill or elliptical, you’ll never forget this workout!  There is definitely no excuse to not work out during the crossing.

•    Get up Early
The ship will tell you what time you will go through the first set of locks but a lot happens before that.  I got up about two hours early, and was glad I did.  It was just about dawn and I could see all the other ships waiting outside for their turn to go through the Canal. The process of entering the first set of locks as the sun rose was truly unforgettable.


The main event of a Panama Canal cruise is going through the canal, so make sure to educate yourself on the process before leaving on the trip or while on the ship (if offered). On our cruise, there was a 3-part lecture series starting from the beginning days of building the Panama Canal to the Panama Canal today and its plans for future expansion.  

These talks were part of Celebrity Cruises, “Beyond the Podium” series.  Lecturers, Rheal and Claire Perron were engaging and all their talks were standing room only in the main theatre.  In addition, 2 different movies about the Panama Canal were shown leading up to the crossing.  When the day came, I felt that I had learned a lot and could really understand what was happening from an engineering perspective as well as appreciating from a historical standpoint.   

Have additional tips to share? Please add a comment below.

FreshCruiser Tip:  If you're going be on a top deck, don't forget to bring something to stay hydrated, it’s very hot there and you may not want to give up your prime spot along the rail.  Also, don’t forget to continue to keep reapplying sunscreen!


Behind the Scenes: Galley Tour on the Celebrity Millennium

Ever wonder what the kitchen or galley, as it’s called on a ship, looks like?  In the “Heart of the Operation Galley Tour” on the Celebrity Millennium, cruisers were able to learn about culinary preparation at sea while touring the ship’s galley.

At the beginning of the experience, there was a brief introduction and welcome by Selin Bert, the Food and Beverage Manager from Turkey, and Jason Banyon, the Executive Chef.  According to Celebrity Cruises, Executive Chef, Jason Banyon,  “comes from a lasting family tradition of British Culinarians where he started to taste, develop, and enjoy the different flavors and rewards of the trade. “ He has worked in kitchens and galleys in respected hotels in London and New Zealand before enjoying Celebrity Cruises.

Interesting Facts

Jason Banyon, the Executive Chef, and Selin Bert, Food and Beverage Manager, answering questions from the guests

While we were waiting our turn to go to down the escalators to the galley, Bert and Banyon answered questions from the audience.  

The chef emphasized over and over again that they will work with any food allergies, preferences, etc. to let the staff know and they will do their best to accommodate everyone. 

Another interesting fact was that they will look at the demographics of the guests for each cruise, as it helps to judge the amounts of different types of foods needed using information gathered from previous cruises.  

In addition, all the food is brought on at the embarkation port and only very perishable items like fruits and vegetables might be added at other ports.  It was obvious that both Selin and Jason truly had a passion for their jobs.


The Tour

I’ve been on galley tours before but what I liked about this one was there were people prepping food and their areas for lunch, it helped me picture how bustling it must be during dinner. In the previous galley tours, the galley was just walking through looking at stainless steel. 

There were special preparation areas to handle the special requests, cold food stations, hot food area, as well as designated kitchen for Blu, the Aqua class specialty dining room.  

Images from the Galley of how each item on the menu should be presented

The Operation*

The culinary part of a cruise involves staff working 24/7 to make sure all the guests dining desires are met.  On an average day at sea, over 9,000 dishes are prepared for guests and crew.
-    4 Executive Sous-Chefs
-    6 Sous Chefs
-    122 Cooks, Chefs, and Cleaning personnel

By the Numbers*

Here’s a few consumption figures based on an average 7 day cruise.
-    Whole Chicken        10,000lbs
-    Lobster            800 lbs
-    Fresh Eggs        2200 dz
-    Potatoes        14,000lbs
-    Ice Cream        650 gal
-    Fresh Fruit        60,000 lbs

The tour was very early on in the cruise, which I liked as it gave me great insight.

Myself with Jason Banyon, the Executive Chef of the Celebrity Millennium

FreshCruiser Tip:  If you have allergies or special food considerations, make sure to notify the cruise line before your cruise.   

*Estimates provided by Celebrity Cruises while on board the Celebrity Millennium.


Flavors Unite! Review of Qsine on Celebrity Cruises

Qsine, Specialty Restaurant

Dining at the specialty restaurant, Qsine®, on the Celebrity Millennium was one of the culinary highlights of my recent cruise.  I will go into more details but the presentation of the food alone is worth the visit, let alone how delicious it tasted.  I have to admit that when I was looking up the specialty restaurants on Celebrity Cruises’ website for the Celebrity Millennium, I thought that Qsine sounded gimmicky with a confused identity.  I convinced my husband to go as I like to try new things and it sure did not disappoint!

About Qsine

Celebrity Cruises describes Qsine:

"Qsine® offers a culinary journey that delivers elements of surprise and delight. Our James Beard featured Master Chef created Qsine to give you something you've never experienced before—on land or at sea. Leave any preconceived notions behind. Dig in and try new things. It's time your palate got a wakeup call. Our iPad® menus make your dining experience even more fun and interactive."

In all of Celebrity Cruises’ marketing material, it pushes the fact that your menu is an iPad, which you order directly from.  I’m typically on some type of electronic device throughout most of my day so this part didn’t sound “fun and interactive”; but rather, annoying. Why couldn’t I just give my order to the waiter?  To my surprise however, I quickly found out it was only one small aspect of the restaurant and was fun just clicking a button to send the order to the kitchen.  The friendly Brazilian waiter stopped back often as we went through the menu to answer our questions along with giving us recommendations.

Every dish that came out had its own unique presentation and flavors.  You can travel around the world while dining here.   We had the opportunity to meet the chef, Jean-Pierre, who really enjoyed cooking all types of dishes from around the world and sharing them with guests.

Dishes Worth Trying

Fresh Market Salad

There were definitely some dishes that were stand-outs for me.  The Qsine Greens is described as a “Fresh Market Salad with Arugula, Radicchio, Frisée, Watercress, Spinach, Pomegranate Emulsion, Crispy Goat Cheese Crumble”.  I didn’t think much of it when I saw it on the menu, but was really happy that I ordered it.  The warm goat cheese pattie combined with the pomegranate emulsion provided a crispy yet sweet and creamy taste.  The dressing provided on the side allows you to customize the taste to your preference.


The Treseviche dish included three types of cerviche served with a side of French fries to cleanse your palate and provide a little saltiness to help cut the citrus-ness of the dish.  With each taste, I tried to figure out which one I liked the best and I couldn’t decide as they were all exceptional.  The flavor combinations were matched perfectly to each type of seafood.

Treseviche included:

  • Tiger Shrimp & Bay Scallops with Lemon Juice, Tequila, Cilantro, Tomato & Jalapeño Oil
  • Salmon with Yuzu Citrus, Cucumber, Vodka & Basil
  • Sea Bass with Lime, Red Onion, Choclo, Avocado & EXVOO

Slider Party

In addition, I would recommend ordering the Slider Party.  The dish comes with one slider per person, which comes out of the kitchen on a grill pan with cheddar cheese on top surrounded by a medley of burger fixings. 

The burger was just the right size, juicy, and still piping hot and served with a side of French fries….what could beat that?!

Painter's Mignon

Stand-outs for presentation included the Painter's Mignon which was a Filet Mignon with a variety of sides, served in little jars.  The sides included mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and a demi glace sauce. The presentation was unexpectedly refreshing for what’s normally considered a “fancy dish”. 

Sushi Lollipops

In addition, the Sushi Lollipops including, “Nigiri Sushi, Soy Center, Wasabi Mayo & Pickled Ginger-Radish Salad” was sushi presented in a fun way and was even more fun to eat!

Tips for Ordering

Disco Shrimp

The portions are meant to share and some are larger than others.  If there is just two of you, read the different dishes carefully and what comes in each one as if it lists 10 items, you may want to pass to try more items as that alone could fill you up. I definitely decided to try as much as I could.

After a good number of dishes came out, the waiter came to inform us that we were only half-way through what we had ordered on the iPad to see if we wanted the food to keep coming.  His timing was perfect as we were getting full.  We decided on one more dish to try and that would be it as we still wanted to leave room for dessert.  

Dessert Menu

The way that the dessert menu is presented is distinctive and memorable in a puzzle cube. 

We enjoyed the tombstone cake, which was rich and fabulous, and the silver bullet, which was filled with two types of sorbet.

Additional Highlights

The service was outstanding, even a step above the typical dining room experience.
Another aspect I liked about this restaurant is that I enjoy going for tapas and getting to try new things when I’m on land. However, my husband and I are always looking at the price and trying to add things up in our heads.  Part of the fun of this restaurant was ordering what you felt like versus trying to find the cheaper or more filling items on the menu. My only regret was that we didn’t go back again to try the items we didn’t order and to have some of our favorite dishes again.

Where to find Qsine

Qsine is available on the following ships in the Celebrity Cruises’ fleet: Celebrity Eclipse®, Celebrity Infinity®, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Summit®, Celebrity Millennium®, Celebrity Reflection.

FreshCruiser Tip: Qsine is definitely a splurge if you’re trying to eat healthy while cruising. To help with this, start your day off with a visit to the fitness room and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch which will let you splurge a little more at dinner.


Photo tour of the newly renovated Celebrity Millennium

I can’t believe that a little over a week ago I was on the Celebrity Millennium.  The 15 day cruise went by a lot quicker than I thought it would.  As I deal with "Cruise Lag" and settling back in to life on land, I thought I would share some pictures of the ship.  

Celebrity Millennium in Costa RicaAs usual, after the welcome aboard buffet lunch, I went floor by floor exploring.  The Celebrity Millennium was the final Millennium Class ship to be renovated as part  of Celebrity Cruises’ "Solsticizing" project. The renovations added features that cruisers enjoy with Celebrity’s Solstice Class ships. The project was completed in May, so I was excited to see the ship with these new additions.

Ship Overview

Grand Foyer


Pool Deck
There were a lot of different types of loungers and places to relax throughout the ship.

Cosmos Lounge
Located on the 11th floor, this lounge is great for viewing.

 Fitness Room

Café al Bacio
Coffee House serving speciality coffee, tea, and pastries.

Two-story library housing a variety of books and cozy spots to read.

Aquaclass Stateroom
Picture of a stateroom on the 11th floor. These staterooms were added as part of the "Solsticizing" on the Celebrity Millennium.


Dining Highlights

Look for more detailed reports on dining but here are a few highlights to see the decor of each.

The Metropolitan Restaurant
Main dining room on the ship.

The Olympic, Specialty Dining Restaurant
French restaurant (Service charge applies)

Qsine, Specialty Dining Restaurant
The Qsine menu includes food from all around the world, all the dishes are meant to share.  (Service charge applies)

Blu, Speciality Specialty Restaurant for Aqua Class Guests only
The menu features "clean, contemporary and unforgettable cuisine". Blu was added as part of the new renovations.

 Ocean Café / Ocean Grill
Casual dining and buffet area includes a pasta bar, pizza, salad bar, hamburgers and much more.  I spent a lot of lunches enjoying the salad bar and pasta bar.


Bistro on Five
The restaurant has a selection of sandwiches, salads, crepes and desserts. (Service charge applies). Bistro on Five is featured on the Solstice class ship and added to the Celebrity Millennium as part of the new features. (Service charge applies)

Click here to view the Deck Plan of the Celebrity Millennium. 

FreshCruiser Tip: I always take pictures of the ship on the first day, that way I know I've gotten all the common places and don't have to worry about it for the rest of the trip.