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Press Release: FreshCruiser.com expands to include luxury family travel

May 28, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) - FreshCruiser.com, which focuses on cruising with tips, news, and advice highlighting fun, active, and healthy cruising, announced today that it will expand to include luxury family travel. The website will include advice about traveling with children, top places to visit, and how to make the most out of a family vacation without having to sacrifice luxury.

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Geared Up – Westin Runs with New Balance

Traveling and forgot your workout gear? No room in your suitcase to bring it? You can no longer make excuses for neglecting your fitness routine when staying at the Westin Gaslamp in San Diego. It can be difficult to keep up with your daily routine when on vacation or traveling for work. How many times during packing have you starred at your full suitcase wondering, am I really going to workout? Is it worth it to bring the shoes, socks, and outfits with me?

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BabyMoon: Tips for staying healthy when cruising while pregnant

It’s official! I’m expecting my first child this spring. I am already dreaming about all the fun my child will have while cruising. Going on a cruise is the perfect “Baby Moon” trip to go on with your husband or partner. 

A cruise really allows for great quality time and lets you spend your day how you want. When planning the cruise, it’s neat to think about it being the last time it will be just the two of you! I spent pregnancy weeks 14 and 15 on board the Celebrity Millennium.  I enjoyed the experience and wanted to share some of my tips and experiences with other mothers-to-be.

When to Go on a BabyMoon Cruise

If you’re trying to figure out a time to go on a cruise during your pregnancy, I would pick a date a few weeks into your second trimester, at or around 4 months.  If you’ve been suffering from “morning” or in my case, “all-day” sickness, it’s better to wait for a time when chances are, you’ll be feeling a lot better.   Our trip was already planned before I found out I was pregnant.  The timing worked out well as while on the ship I finished the first trimester and feeling a lot better.  

Celebrity Solstice

Every cruise line has a different policy for pregnant women. Generally you can take a cruise until you’re 23 or 24 weeks pregnant. Vacationstogo.com offers a list of the policies for each cruise line. Click here to check out the restrictions.

Top healthy tips for traveling while pregnant

Below are my tips for staying healthy on a cruise while pregnant.   Before you book a cruise, it’s important to check with your doctor first and discuss your concerns and questions.

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate
Drink lots of water. I would always grab a water as we walked through the buffet. 


Since the weather was very hot, it was even more important to make sure I wasn’t getting dehydrated.   On days at port, we made sure we had water with us at all times.

Wash your hands
This is a tip that everyone should follow on a cruise ship but even more important for a mom-to-be to prevent sickness.

Eat what you feel like eating
Morning sickness?  One of my favorite parts of cruising while pregnant was the buffet.

It allowed me to have tastes of different items and then go back for more of the one that I liked the best. With food readily available on a cruise, try having multiple smaller meals throughout the day to help with morning sickness, heartburn, or nausea.  

Be active

Before leaving on the cruise, I bought a heart rate monitor to check my heart rate during physical activity as my doctor told me to keep my heart rate below 150. (Check with your Doctor before starting any workout routine or physical activity).

Walking 15-30 minutes a day around the cruise ship track is a perfect way to get exercise, which is important for you and your baby. I enjoyed starting my days with a long walk, either on the treadmill or around the track.

Watch your step
Depending on how many weeks along you are when you’re cruising, you are adding a lot of extra weight to your body and you’re not as stable as it used to be. Make sure you have a good center of gravity before stepping and watch out for notoriously slippery areas like the pool deck.

Know what you’re eating
With pregnancy comes a long list of do’s and don’ts. It’s important for you to make those decisions however, knowledge is power. When it comes to food, if you’re curious about a particular item, make sure to ask for more information. 

I had to say good-bye to sushi and tuna tartar but luckily there were so many other items to pick from that I didn’t miss them as much as I thought I would.

Be Prepared

I know it may sound crazy to pack food to bring on the cruise but, I would definitely recommend bringing granola bars or crackers with you on board the ship.  In the mornings, I always had crackers next to my bed and it helped with my morning sickness.  In addition, you want snacks to have while at port or on an excursion to hold you over until lunch or dinner.

Take a break from being adventurous

Now is not the time to be adventurous with activities or food.  While at port, stay away from street vendors and stick to eating on the ship or at a hotel which allows you to try the local food but typically has a higher standard of food quality and preparation.  When looking for an excursion, read carefully any restrictions for pregnant woman. 

I definitely wanted to go zip lining in Costa Rica but instead we planned a really fun day exploring the Monte Verde Rain Forest. I really enjoyed Costa Rica and can’t wait to take my child there. We’ll go zip lining together!

Why go on a Cruise for your Baby Moon

There are a lot of great reasons to go on a cruise for your Baby Moon.  The ability to have whatever food you feel like at your fingertips is a dream for any pregnant woman.  The accessibility of the buffet throughout the day and all-inclusive food is a real plus.  

Casino on the Celebrity Solstice

With strict non-smoking policies on most cruise ships now, it was a relief to that I didn’t have to worry about walking through clouds of smoke. In addition, I could enjoy the casino without breathing in the smoky air.

Whether we were at a show or at the casino at night, when I was tired, I loved being able to just take the elevator to my room and be in bed within minutes.  I didn’t have to worry about a drive home, a long walk to the hotel, or waiting for a cab while on a land vacation.

Towel Creation from on board the Carnival Paradise

I really enjoyed the quality time with my husband. We’ve been on so many cruises together but this one felt different. We didn’t run around to every activity like we have in the past; but instead, we played games and hung out just the two of us. This was such a memorable cruise that will always have a special place in my heart.  

Cruises are a great place for pregnant women.  When cruising, make sure to follow my tips above as exercise and eating well are important aspects for a healthy mom and baby.  

Stay tuned for more details about my Baby-Moon Cruise experience!

FreshCruiser Tip:  Don’t forget to check out the kid’s club on the ship for fun, won’t be long till your little one is there!


Dance like a Norwegian! Get Fit with Zumba® Fitness Classes on board Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line recently announced that it will add Zumba Fitness to its ships beginning this spring in a phased roll out to the entire fleet. There will be a variety of Zumba® classes on each cruise and the most popular ones will be offered at no charge.  Whether you work out regularly or not at all, Zumba® classes are for all fitness levels. You simply follow the instructor’s dance fitness moves to the upbeat music while working on your fitness and burning calories. According to LIVESTRONG.com article, Zumba Workout Benefits, you can burn 400 to 600 calories per hour.

“We are excited to bring Zumba Fitness onboard our ships and offer guests not just a new way to work out, but an exhilarating and easy-to-follow dance fitness-party,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line CEO.

Norwegian Cruise Line follows Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises which previously announced Zumba as part of their on board activities. Princess Cruises first introduced complimentary Zumba classes on their ships in December 2010 and were fleet-wide by the end of 2011. [Read my previous post on Zumba at Sea.]

Celebrity Cruises started scheduling Zumba classes on board its transatlantic voyages as part of their Celebrity Life’s special fitness programming and recently expanded the classes to its entire fleet.

I definitely recommend trying a Zumba® class when cruising on one of the cruise lines. Some cruise lines hold the classes outside, that way you can enjoy the sea air rather than being in a gym. It also makes it a lot easier to try it if you’re intimidated to walk in to the ship’s fitness room. Be careful: You may have so much fun that you decide to continue going classes when you get back home!

Read Norwegian Cruise Line's full announcement here.

Freshcruiser TIP: Give it a try and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay for the whole class.


Staying in shape on a cruise: Make a fitness schedule

I know, you’re on vacation and the last thing you want to worry about is working out.  However, it’s important to stick to a routine. Since my upcoming cruise is 15 nights, I need to settle into some type of normalcy as that adds up to a lot of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners which all are filled with lots of temptations.   I always make a fitness schedule before a cruise, that way I know my expectations and it helps me stick to the plan.

Holland America ms Prinsendam Fitness Center

When I get on a new ship, one of the first things I do is go on a tour to become familiar with everything. I always go to the fitness center and look at the facilities.  This way, I’m already comfortable and know where I’m going when I decide to work-out.  It makes walking in the first time a lot easier.

Celebrity Century Fitness Room

For more information on the fitness rooms at sea, read my previous post, "Want the best view on a Cruise Ship? Jump on a Treadmill."

Since I enjoy being active, I’ll typically take advantage of a port day to get out of the fitness room and enjoy my time in a new place.  For instance, here are a few activities that I plan on doing while in port:

Approximately 375 calories burned per hour during a moderate, steady paddle (based on a 165lb person) according to www.livestrong.com 

Approximately 250 calories burned per hour (based on a 165lb person) according to www.fitday.com

Approximately 430 and 440 calories per hour of hiking, depends on terrain (based on 160lb person) according to www.livestrong.com

Approximately 358 calories when walking at 4 mph  (based on 150lb person) according to www.livestrong.com

FreshCruiser Tip: And of course, I always take the stairs on the cruise ship to burn a few more calories.


Princess Cruises focuses on fitness with the announcement of the Royal Princess Fitness Facilities

With the Royal Princess debuting in June, Princess Cruises announced the sports and fitness features that will be aboard. Royal Princess’ fitness facilities will include a Jogging Track, Sports Central and Fitness Center. The ship’s fitness plans have something for all athletic abilities.  

Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises - Royal Princess Center Court

“Many of our passengers are very active on vacation,” said Jan Swartz, executive vice president for Princess Cruises. “These new facilities will offer them state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge classes to keep up – or even step up – their fitness routines at sea.”

Sticking with your Routine

If you work out regularly at home, you’ll probably want to keep up with your exercise routine while on vacation. I always research what type of facilities a hotel or cruise has to offer before leaving to try and create a plan so I don’t feel guilty for taking a day or two off. 

I was extremely intrigued by the plans for the Jogging Track on the Royal Princess as I enjoy working-out outside whenever I can.  In addition to a double-lane jogging track with separate paths for runners and walkers, the Royal Princess will feature a circuit program along the track.  This addition adds function and makes running around the deck less boring as you can run in intervals and stop to at the exercise stations along the track, making time fly by while burning calories.   

Trying something new

Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

The Royal Princess will feature a private aerobics studio at the back of the gym for a variety of fitness classes.  One of the fitness classes is MyRide, which is “a new era in indoor cycling, MyRide offers the opportunity to ride through inspiring scenic landscapes from around the world, with varying levels of intensity controlled by the user.” I enjoy going to spinning classes so this is definitely something I would check out if I were a passenger.

No excuses, you have time  
You’re away from work, errands, and finally have some time for yourself.  Explore new fitness options while you have the time and a great way to find something you like and continue it after the cruise.

Princess Cruises will help lay the foundation for a successful program at home. Participants in Body Sculpt Boot Camp will receive a take-home poster/program which outlines all the exercises and breaks the program up into four manageable workouts so you can continue their workouts after the cruise. I love how the experiences can be long-lasting. Additional class options include TRX® suspension training bodyweight and Chi Ball Yoga.

Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises - Royal Princess

The other fitness facilities on Royal Princess include Princess Sports Central, which is  the multi-sport area that is designed to offer a collection of fun options, including court games, lawn activities and a lounge for virtual gaming. The Fitness Center pairs a state-of-the-art gym with spectacular ocean views.

Click here to view a video of the future activities on board the Royal Princess.

The 3,600-passenger Royal Princess is currently under construction for Princess Cruises. The ship’s 2013 maiden season will include cruises on the line’s signature Grand Mediterranean itinerary throughout the summer, followed by Eastern Caribbean cruises beginning in the fall. Click here to read the full press release from Princess Cruises.

FreshCruiser Tip: Most equipment will feature personal TV screens, which makes a big difference as why watch the morning news in bed when you can view it while getting some exercise? Start your day this way and I guarantee you’ll have more energy.