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Enjoy all the tips, news, insight, and advice on luxury family travel that highlights fun, active, and healthy vacations. Explore how to make the most out of your family vacation without sacrificing luxury.

FreshCruiser.com opens readers’ eyes to new adventures and calms any fears of traveling with children. With a special focus on family cruising, the website includes tips to staying active, eating well, and taking advantage of all the opportunities while on a family vacation.


FreshCruiser quoted in Care.com article, "7 Top Babymoon Ideas"

Abby Aisley founder of FreshCruiser.com was recently quoted in an article from Care.com. Here's an excerpt from the Care.com story, "7 Top Babymoon Ideas".

"Are babymoon ideas on your brain? You've weathered morning sickness, are bearing a bountiful belly and your due date is just around the corner. Before your family of two becomes a family of three, it's time to take a romantic pre-baby trip! 

Calm Down on a Cruise

Stick to what soothes you. "When choosing a cruise for your babymoon, do your research on the itinerary," says Abby Aisley, a mom and the creator of family travel blog FreshCruiser. "Select an itinerary that visits calmer waters such as the Caribbean rather than the North Sea. Review excursions for the ports you plan to visit. Adventurous excursions are put on hold due to pregnancy limitations -- fortunately, there are plenty of great options to choose from." "

Read the full article by Care.com contributor, Erica Loop, which includes more ideas for picking the right Babymoon.

Celebrity Millennium

FreshCruiser Tip: In planning a babymoon, maximizing your precious vacation time is key. If you are within driving distance or a quick flight to a cruise port, there are many short cruises that would make a great babymoon. Book a 3-4 day cruise over a weekend to save your vacation days for when the baby arrives.


FreshCruiser quoted in Scenic Tours news article, "Travel resources to help you plan your river cruise"

FreshCruiser's cruising expertise on planning a river cruise was recently included in a news article from Scenic Tours.

Here's an excerpt from Scenic Tours News story, "Travel resources to help you plan your river cruise."

Planning a river cruise should be an enjoyable experience. One where you and your partner get to relax, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of for you and that you get to experience new places almost daily from the comfort of one luxurious ship...

"Ideas of a vacation vary greatly and it’s important to find a cruise that is right for you. For instance, just because your parents or friends enjoyed a certain cruise, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy it as well. I encourage people to ask fellow cruisers their opinions and I always ask them why they picked the cruise, what was their favorite part, and if there is anything they would avoid." - FreshCruiser

To read the full article, which includes more of my thoughts on travel resources to help you plan your river cruise, visit Scenic Tours News.

FreshCruiser Tip: When looking to plan a cruise, don’t be afraid to ask questions to people you trust or travel professionals.


FreshCruiser quoted in Emerald Waterways article, "River cruising versus ocean cruising"

FreshCruiser's cruising expertise on river cruising versus ocean cruising was recently included in a news article from Emerald Waterways.

Here's an excerpt from Emerald Waterways News story, "River cruising versus ocean cruising."

"Whether you’ve previously taken an ocean cruise and would like to find out what a river cruise entails, or have never taken either and would like to discover which you’d prefer, our guide aims to help you make a decision on which cruise experience you should try next.

Both river cruising and ocean cruising offer fantastic opportunities for exploring the world’s best destinations, but the two may differ more than you would imagine.


“River cruising is truly about enjoying the river scenery, experiencing local cultures, and getting pleasure from the quaintness and luxury of the ship.

“I like that larger ocean cruises can travel far distances at a swift pace. On a recent ocean cruise, we visited diverse ports in Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Israel.” - FreshCruiser"

To read the full article, including more of my thoughts on river versus ocean cruising, visit Emerald Waterways News.


Review of The London Eye experience with a toddler

My experience and tips for visiting The London Eye with a toddler

Taking a ride on The London Eye was on the top of my "To Do" list when we planned our trip to London with my toddler.  It has become an iconic symbol of the city while providing spectacular views of London's main sites.

The London Eye

After scheduling the ride on The London Eye, I wondered how my son would react to being in a capsule for the 30 minute round trip with no immediate way out.  Based on his personality, I thought he would like it but you never know until you're in the moment. 

The London Eye Line - Regular vs. Fast Track

We booked Fast Track Tickets which meant that we only needed to arrive at the Priority Desk 15 minutes prior to our scheduled time. We entered the Fast Track line where we bypassed majority of the line. This worked out great as we boarded the capsule quickly. I highly recommend this option when traveling with smaller children.

Boarding the CapsuleBoarding the capsule was easy. My son immediately ran to the end and looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows.  As we moved around the Eye, the ride was smooth. I barely knew we were moving.

View from CapsuleMy son pointed out buses, boats, birds, and "clock", which of course, was Big Ben. The time went too fast.

 The Capsule

The capsule was larger than I thought, there was enough room for him to run from side to side checking out all the different views. My son could have stayed in the capsule all day. He loved every second.

Viewpoint of a Toddler on The London Eye

My tips for visiting the London Eye with a Toddler

  • Schedule your visit on one of your first days visiting London. It's  a great way for your children to have an overview of the city.
  • Point out the London Eye to your child prior to boarding. They can familiarize themselves with the structure from a distance.  
  • Book ahead and pay the additional money for the Fast Track tickets. It's worth the extra money in order to not wait in line with a toddler.
  • If your son or daughter gets upset during the ride, try using the interactive maps onboard as a distraction. Since you're going in a circle, you'll have a good idea of how much time is left.
  • If the thought of picking a day and time is too difficult and unpredictable with your toddler, purchase Fully Flexi Tickets. These tickets let you visit the London Eye anytime during the week of your visit. However, this ticket is not available during July and August.

Top spot for whale watching in Maui, Hawaii

Plan your family vacation during whale season with the “Whale of a Deal” room package at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

I recently vacationed in Maui, Hawaii with my family.  We stayed at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa for 10 days. I could have stayed another 10 days.

View of Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa (photo credit: Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa)We enjoyed spending time at the resort as well as exploring the island. My favorite days were when we rented a cabana and took advantage of all the activities at the hotel throughout the day.

If you’re considering a family trip to Hawaii in the near future, I’d recommend going to Maui during whale season.  You’re able to experience the wonders of watching humpback whales directly from the beach, quite a sight.

According to Frommer’s, about 1,500 to 3,000 humpback whales appear in Hawaii waters each year. The whale season usually starts in December and runs through April.  If your children are interested in wildlife, traveling during whale season to Maui is a definite perk to your Hawaiian vacation.

Click here for Frommer’s Maui whale watching tips. 

View from my room at the Sheraton Maui Resort & SpaThe Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa is offering a “Whale of a Deal room package.”

“Whale season is one of the most exciting times of year here on Maui and Kaanapali Beach, the unique location of the Sheraton Maui’s Moana building, situated on top of the Black Rock, provides an unrivaled view of the Humpback Whales across the Maui Nui Basin where their population is amongst the highest,” explains the resort’s general manager, Tetsuji Yamazaki.

The Whale of a Deal room package includes:

  • two drinks delivered daily by in-room dining
  • two souvenir refillable mason jars , binoculars, stuffed whale
  • a personal Whale Concierge to assist with booking the top things to do in Hawaii including whale-related activities

With over 83 percent of the resort’s 508 rooms facing the water, the resort provides an ideal setting to watch nature’s majestic giants. As I woke up every morning to the most beautiful view of Molokai, I couldn’t help but picture the channel filled with whales breaching. I can’t wait to go take my son during whale season.

For reservations, you call (866) 716-8140 and mention rate plan WHALEPKG or visit http://www.Sheraton-Maui.com.

In addition, when visiting Hawaii a great place to stay is in one of the many Hawaiian Beach Rentals for a more unique experience.  Hawaiian Beach Rentals lets you find the ideal option for your family including location on the island, a kitchen, and multiple bedrooms.


Tips for flying with a toddler

I can't believe my son is a toddler already. I've given tips on traveling with a baby before, however with each new stage my son enters; airplane travel changes. We recently flew from Los Angeles, CA to Washington, DC. It was his 16th cross country flight. I'm glad we traveled with him so much already, however we need to continue to adapt to his needs. We have the usual things worked out, like diapering, boarding the plane, and which stroller to fly with. Here are a few of my tips for flying with a toddler. These tips will be helpful at any early age but specifically for your child if they are 15, 16, or 17 months old.

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Examining family lounge and kids play areas in Airports Terminals

After frequently traveling with my son for the past year and a half, I am always looking for a calm and easy place to change him, feed him, and for him to let some energy out in the airport. If you are like me, you need to take a breather and regroup when flying with children. Family Lounges and Services Areas are comfortable areas to do this, however most US airport terminals don’t have them.

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Road Trip to Monterey with a Toddler – Incorporating nap times & bed times into your travel schedule

Last weekend my husband and I decided to take a last-minute long-weekend road trip. The plan was to drive from Los Angeles, CA to Monterey, CA. It’s about a 5 hour drive when there is no traffic and no stops. There was something relaxing about shoving everything we might need into the car, rather than thinking about weight requirements and keeping bags to a minimum.

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