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FreshCruiser blog features tips, news and insight to make the most out of a family vacation without sacrificing luxury & a healthy lifestyle. Focus on fun, active, & healthy travel. Enjoy!

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A note from Abby

Since the birth of my son in the spring of 2013, FreshCruiser.com expanded its reach to include luxury family travel. My son has already clocked 28,000 miles in his first 12 months and I've enjoyed exploring new places with him as well as seeing some of my favorites through his eyes.

Traveling with an infant brings on a new level of excitement and challenges. As a new mom, I found myself looking for answers to all of my travel questions. Each trip, I learned something new. In addition, speaking with many new parents, I found myself giving advice on traveling with their children and calming many stresses and fears.

The website seeks to open people's eyes to new adventures while staying active, eating well, and taking advantage of all the opportunities while on your family vacation.

Cruise ship travel is a key feature with special emphasis on luxury family and healthy cruising. Cruising has always been a passion of mine and cruising as a family is an exceptional way to see the world without the hassles of figuring out food, constantly unpacking and repacking, and no risk of boredom. Cruises take you to your favorite cities or a place you’ve always wanted to visit, as well as offer you the chance to visit a location that is normally difficult to get to.

I have been fortunate enough to see the ancient pyramids, the historic Parthenon, the beauty of the Norwegian fiords, the clear waters of the Caribbean, just to name a few -  all from different cruises I’ve been on. I’m looking forward to many more experiences with my son. For those who love to travel, starting a family should never end this passion.  Instead, your travel should be enhanced with new experiences, adventures, and perspectives.

I decided to start this website and blog, to reach out to travelers and non-travelers to show there is something for everyone.


About Abby

When Abby isn’t cruising, she resides in Los Angeles, CA.  She was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. 

Abby graduated from The George Washington University with a Bachelors Degree in International Affairs and received her Masters Degree from American University in International Communication. 

Most recently, Abby was director of customer experience for a French-based technology company.