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Are you a landlubber?


Source: P&O Cruises website

Landlubber [land-luhb-er] is a noun, defined as “an unseasoned sailor or someone unfamiliar with the sea.”
P&O Cruises looking for Australia’s ultimate “landlubbers”!  The competition seeks to dispel cruising myths by giving away cruises to their toughest critics: non-cruisers who have reasons for why they have never cruised before and why now they are ready to give it a try.

Open to Australian or New Zealand residents who have never been on a cruise, 6 people will be chosen to win a P&O Cruise’s trip around the Pacific Islands with a guest, “so they can see what they've been missing.”

According to P&O’s competition website, “We think a P&O Cruises holiday is hard to beat, but some people take a little convincing. So we're taking 6 lucky landlubbers on a free cruise around the Pacific Islands, so they can see what they've been missing.”

Although you may not be eligible to enter, I would definitely recommend checking out the entries

Do you share the same thoughts as one of these entries? 
What’s keeping you from cruising? 

The winners go on a cruise in September. P&O Cruises plans on filming the winners and posting short videos on their website to show the benefits of a P&O Cruises holiday.  I’m looking forward to seeing the videos and the outcome of cruising for the first time.  Want more information or to enter?  Click here to visit P&O Cruises Landlubbers competition website.

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