Review of The London Eye experience with a toddler
Monday, January 12, 2015 at 9:15PM
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My experience and tips for visiting The London Eye with a toddler

Taking a ride on The London Eye was on the top of my "To Do" list when we planned our trip to London with my toddler.  It has become an iconic symbol of the city while providing spectacular views of London's main sites.

The London Eye

After scheduling the ride on The London Eye, I wondered how my son would react to being in a capsule for the 30 minute round trip with no immediate way out.  Based on his personality, I thought he would like it but you never know until you're in the moment. 

The London Eye Line - Regular vs. Fast Track

We booked Fast Track Tickets which meant that we only needed to arrive at the Priority Desk 15 minutes prior to our scheduled time. We entered the Fast Track line where we bypassed majority of the line. This worked out great as we boarded the capsule quickly. I highly recommend this option when traveling with smaller children.

Boarding the CapsuleBoarding the capsule was easy. My son immediately ran to the end and looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows.  As we moved around the Eye, the ride was smooth. I barely knew we were moving.

View from CapsuleMy son pointed out buses, boats, birds, and "clock", which of course, was Big Ben. The time went too fast.

 The Capsule

The capsule was larger than I thought, there was enough room for him to run from side to side checking out all the different views. My son could have stayed in the capsule all day. He loved every second.

Viewpoint of a Toddler on The London Eye

My tips for visiting the London Eye with a Toddler

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