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Review of the ERGObaby 360 Baby Carrier for travel

Review of the ERGObaby 360 baby carrier after flying to Toronto with two kids. 

I recently purchased the Four Position ERGObaby 360 Baby Carrier for a flight from Los Angeles to Toronto. The carrier can be used as a front-inward, front-outward, hip and back carry positions. My daughter is 5 months old and I wanted to use an infant baby carrier that would allow her to be in both outward and inward positions.  She’s inquisitive and doesn’t like to be looking inward if she’s not sleeping. The plan would be to push my toddler son in a stroller through the airport while having her in the Four Position Ergo 360 carrier.

The combination of her in the carrier and my toddler in the stroller worked out great. We could even switch and use it for my son if desired.

What I liked about the ERGObaby 360 Baby Carrier

I love the way the carrier is designed in terms of the outward facing position. My daughter is cozy and comfortable and able to look out at the world around her in the bucket seat. She’s sitting in a natural and comfortable position.  The carrier is lightweight.  When we were traveling, I put it in a reusable grocery bag for quick access.  I had her in the carrier when we went through security at Los Angeles airport (LAX) and it went very smoothly. The TSA agents swiped my hands and tested it for any chemicals that could be hidden.

Boarding the plane with her in the carrier, worked out well. I had my hands free to help with the carry-ons and my son.

During the flight, my daughter was crying. I grabbed the ERGObaby 360 and put her inward facing. I walked up and down the plane trying to get her to fall sleep.  She was too interested in the people. I ended up using the sun cover to help encourage her to close her eyes and stop looking around. After she fell asleep, I kept her in the carrier and could comfortably sit down and relax for a bit.

What I didn’t like about the ERGObaby 360 Baby Carrier

I’m not a fan of the extra wide Velcro waistband. The Velcro stuck to the seat, other parts of clothing, and blankets while traveling. If she fell asleep and I wanted to remove the carrier to take her off or put her in the stroller, she would wake up from the Velcro. I wish Ergo would have kept the same design as their other carriers.

No pocket. I like the pocket in the ERGObaby Original Carrier as it’s great to have quick access to certain items.  Like many carriers out there, it’s hot.  After walking through the airport, my shirt around my stomach was wet from sweat and my daughter was very warm as well. 

I had to buy the Teething Pad & Bib. I wish this came standard. It was an extra twenty-five dollars that I feel was necessary for my daughter when she faced forward. In the instructions for the ERGObaby 360 carrier, it says, “Do not machine wash frequently.”  I found the bib is necessary as she sucks on the front and regular cleaning of the carrier is not recommended. 

Overall Impression

My daughter loves to be outward facing and the ERGObaby 360 Four Position carrier really puts her in a comfortable position, making her a happy baby. For traveling, I loved the versatility of being able to put her inward or outward facing depending on her needs (inward facing if she was tired and going to fall asleep). It was an all-in-one carrier and I didn’t need to bring anything else with me. I’m looking forward to using the other positions (hip carry and back carry) as she grows. If we’re going to a tropical or warm place, I’ll have to think twice about bringing it since it’s so warm.

I’d 100% recommend bringing a carrier with you when you are flying and use throughout the trip. It allows for versatility and adaptability.  I found using the Ergo 360 in the airport was much easier than pushing her in the stroller. I had two hands free and she was happy the entire time. Depending on their weight and age, you can use it for your older child as well.

Product News from ERGObaby

Baby Chic 101 announced on their blog that “Ergobaby is launching a new carrier for hot days called the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Cool Air Carrier.”  It will include a waist buckle, rather than the Velcro and mesh to keep both you and the baby cooler.  

The product will launch in November 2015.  I wish the product was launching sooner as I'd love to try it out on our trip to Hawaii in October.

FreshCruiser Tip:  Don’t wait until the airport to use your carrier for the first time.  Get your child used to being in a carrier prior to flying. Also, it’s important to make the proper adjustments so it’s comfortable for you and your child.

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Reader Comments (2)

Great review, I was wondering what carrier to get for our upcoming trip to Australia and this helped.

September 18, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKim

The Cool Air version of the 360 has buckles instead of velcro.

May 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterM

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